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#28 - January 2013        



The Smart Move team would like to begin by wishing a happy New Year to all readers. This month, you will learn all you need to know about how to get nominated or nominate those that you think should be considered for the three bi-annual IRU Smart Move awards that will be awarded later this year at Busworld - the world’s largest bus and coach trade fair. You will also be offered your last chance to contribute to shaping the future of EU passenger road transport at the last meeting of the EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group .


Also in this issue you can hear from across the globe how buses are taking a lead in keeping people connected - whether it is free travel in Estonia, concessionary travel in Scotland, or expandable post buses in Switzerland - and bus travel in Kenya just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of a mobile ticketing smartphone app. So enjoy your reading!


- The Smart Move team



Looking for IRU Smart Move Awards candidates

The IRU is looking for Smart Move award candidates who demonstrate innovation and excellence in business/policy best practices that promote sustainable mobility by bus and coach.

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Smart Move HLG final call for contributions

The Smart Move High Level Group makes its final call for contributions from external interested parties. All the recommendations and contributions that have so far been received will be discussed at the next HLG meeting on 21 February for potential inclusion in the group’s final report. 


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Estonia’s capital offers free public transport encouraging drivers to leave cars

Public transport in Estonia's capital, Tallinn, is now free of charge as of 1 January 2013, as city’s much-debated free travel reform takes effect.

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The Scottish Government’s National Older and Disabled Persons Concessionary Travel Scheme operates all year round, but its impact over Christmas and New Year is even more welcome, as it helps bring families together from across Scotland at a special and expensive time.

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PostBus Switzerland’s bus extensions to carry more people

Swiss company intercity PostBus rolls out a bus extension, as of 12 January 2013, to accommodate additional passengers.

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Competitive tendering vs. negotiated contracts? Australian debate hots up

An Australian academic has backed criticism of the South Australia State Government’s decision to competitively tender Adelaide’s public transport bus services. Heavy criticism is also levelled for over-investment in rail given its high costs and lower ridership.

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Theatre Bus puts on a show

A new cultural bus service has started in Spain – the theatre bus. Unlike usual buses, it does not take you to the theatre: it brings the theatre to you, providing a 50 minute door-to-door dose of theatrical performance that is innovative, original and fun.

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Bus and coach transit isn’t just good for the environment and your wallet - it also positively impacts your health.


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Kenya bus industry goes hi-tech with mobile ticketing apps

Kenya’s bus industry has gone hi-tech with a new user-friendly mobile solution to book bus tickets.


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Busworld India

The next edition of Busworld India will take place in Mumbai from 1-3 February 2013.


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