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Concessionary travel brings families together

The Scottish Government’s National Older and Disabled Persons Concessionary Travel Scheme operates all year round, but its impact over Christmas and New Year is even more welcome, as it helps bring families together from across Scotland at a special and expensive time.


21 January - The Concessionary Travel Scheme - which has also been rolled out for injured armed services veterans – has been hailed as a service Scotland can be proud of.

The average saving per year is approximately £230 to each of the 1.23 million people holding a National Entitlement Card. The scheme is clearly popular - 87% of those eligible based on age have a card and the number of people with disabilities holding National Entitlement Cards for free bus travel at the end of October was 187,645.


Mr Eadie, a member of the Government Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee, said “By enabling people access to movement across Scotland this encourages physical and mental well-being and helps strengthen family and community ties. Funding for concessionary travel has increased every year since its introduction and in the last year has benefitted Scotland's older bus users by an average of nearly £230.”


As we come to the end of the European Year of Active Ageing, Scottish politicians are determined to continue with the scheme to ensure that it continues to provide free local and long distance bus travel throughout Scotland for older and disabled people at any time of day, on any routes, for any number of journeys. A truly smart choice!


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