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Theatre Bus puts on a show


A new cultural bus service has started in Spain – the theatre bus. Unlike usual buses, it does not take you to the theatre: it brings the theatre to you, providing a 50 minute door-to-door dose of theatrical performance that is innovative, original and fun.


21 January - The theatre bus operates a circular 50 min route beginning at your pick-up venue of choice. The show starts just outside the meeting point, with plays that are interactive, participatory and above all fun. Organisers call it the first gymkhana theatre in history, because the viewer has to participate actively, which is much different from going to a traditional theatre. 


The viewer is confronted with games and tests that are developed throughout the performance, and the bus curtains remain closed, except in a few strategic stops, where you have to open them and interact with the city.


The concept builds on years of professional experience from the operators and performers and is the brainchild of Arriva Sphere Director General, Javier Fuentes, who specialises in school transport. His passion for literature and art in general prompted the development of the idea. He sought to get the patronage of the fund ARRIVA allocates to promote business innovation through original ideas, but that requires significant initial investment to its market launch.


In terms of designing a theatre on board a bus (sets, designs, chairs, curtains, legal ...), it required the collaboration of many professionals who participated in the development of the idea and the first play performed on board was Cervantes’ Spanish classic Don Quixote.



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