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Smart Move HLG final call for contributions

The Smart Move High Level Group makes its final call for contributions from external interested parties. All the recommendations and contributions that have so far been received will be discussed at the next HLG meeting on 21 February for potential inclusion in the group’s final report.


21 January - The EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group (HLG) has completed its discussions on the three main topics that the group has been addressing – namely inter-city and long distance regular bus and coach services; coach tourism; and commuting and urban mobility. Following these discussions the HLG will be compiling its report of policy recommendations taking into account all the contributions that have so far been received. 

The group’s policy recommendations will focus on the short, medium and long term, suggesting a realistic route map for policy makers on how the use of buses and coaches can be doubled within 10 years. The HLG webpage contains all the presentations and key background papers submitted to the group that can be consulted and form a guide to any additional contributions. 


This final meeting provides a last opportunity for any remaining external contributors to make their voice heard. Papers can be submitted up until February 21 HLG meeting. So if you have something to say then this is your final chance. Contributions can be sent to the group online, by email, or by post.


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Smart Move HLG

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