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User-friendly doesn't get better than this.


Buses and coaches are rock stars when it comes to luxury, comfort and passenger satisfaction.


They are flexible, reliable and offer quality that is affordable to everyone, everywhere. They can take you directly to your destination, with no waiting times, intrusive security checks or need to change vehicles, and can even pick you up at your front door.


So it comes as no surprise that buses and coaches enjoy a 90% satisfaction rate, because they are very adaptable and are the most flexible of all collective passenger transport modes.


If the Rolling Stones sang “I can’t get no satisfaction”, it’s only because they hadn’t discovered the many benefits of buses and coaches!       




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IRU and CTC RTC create Smart Move Working Group in CIS region

23 May 2014

IRU and CTC RTC create Smart Move Working Group in CIS region to double use of collective passenger transport.

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SAVE THE DATE - Workshop on Multimodal Terminals, Brussles, 14 October 2014

20 May 2014

The European Citizens’ Mobility Forum (ECMF) will organise, on the 14 October 2014, in Brussels, a workshop dedicated to Multimodal Terminals which will bring together EU, national and local authorities, as well as civil society researchers and stakeholders, business representatives and trade associations to debate the role and place of passenger transport terminals in the intermodal transport chain.

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Latest technology to make journeys easier for millions of London bus passengers

15 May 2014

London celebrates the Year of the Bus by using the latest digital technology aimed at helping Londoners and visitors to the city get around the capital’s extensive bus network more easily.

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Fun 8-bit video teaches kids about road safety by bus

15 January 2014

Smart Move Partner, French passenger transport association FNTV, has launched Operation Sécuricar, a campaign to teach youth about road safety by bus through a fun video and instructional booklet.

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BRT Cleans the Air and Saves Commute Time in Mexico City and Istanbul

09 May 2014

The international transportation policy group EMBARQ highlights the benefits of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in Mexico City and Istanbul following the outcome of the organization’s recent report - Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of BRT Systems.

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