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The connection between public transit and health


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22 January 2013 – Bus and coach transit isn’t just good for the environment and your wallet (currently, savings from taking transit equal $9,934 a year for the average American) — it also positively impacts your health. 


Check out this infographic below from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s New Public Health website for nifty facts on how public transportation coincides with healthier behaviors, like walking and biking. Some noteworthy stats:

  • 30 percent of transit users get 30 minutes (or more!) of physical activity each day
  • People on public transport walk an average of 19 minutes daily to get to and from stops
  • The risk of obesity increases 6 percent every additional hour spent in a car

So what are you waiting for? Put a few bucks on that bus pass and make the smart move for your health!


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