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IRU Smart Move Awards announces call for candidates

17 February 2017

IRU is launching the call for submissions for its global 2017 Smart Move awards to candidates who show excellence in putting in place business or policy practices that promote sustainable passenger transport by bus and coach.


Without smart moves urban transport will not achieve climate ambitions, ITF report warns

07 February 2017

According to the recently released ITF Transport Outlook 2017, car use in cities is set to double by 2050 as emerging economies meet mobility demand. Better vehicle and fuel technology will not be enough to achieve a reduction of CO2 emissions in cities. Changes in the mobility behaviours need to occur in order to make a difference.


Launch of European Collaborative project to deliver zero emission fuel cell buses across Europe

27 January 2017

Köln, Germany was this week the setting for the formal launch of a €125M collaborative project set to deploy 144 hydrogen fuel cell buses (JIVE project) and seven large hydrogen refuelling stations (MEHRLIN project) across Europe.


“Year of Sustainable Tourism” complements Smart Move focus on group tourism by coach

26 January 2017

IRU welcomes the launch of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 to complement IRU’s Smart Move global campaign, championing the use of buses and coaches as a clean, safe and sustainable way to travel.


Decorated buses bring holiday cheer to customers in Pennsylvania

19 December 2016

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has showcased for the first time ever holiday-decorated buses during the Philly Holiday Festival taking place in Philadelphia.


Fuel cell electric bus project CHIC report - guide for cities and bus operators

16 December 2016

Fuel cell electric bus project CHIC launched its final project report as tool for cities and bus operators to help them in understanding the reality of operating fuel cell buses today.


What if Santa delivered all his presents by bus instead of by reindeer?

15 December 2016

If Santa really wanted to go green on Christmas Eve, he’d be well advised to use the greenest mode of transportation available: buses. Buses emit a mere 0.19 lbs CO2 per mile meaning that Santa would save basically all of his carbon footprint if he traveled by bus - 35.3 billion lbs CO2, to be exact.



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