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India determined to increase road safety

27 January 2016

The number of people losing their lives on the Indian roads is alarming. Indian Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Statistics show that in 2014, nearly 500.000 persons were injured and 140.000 people got killed in road accidents. The analysis of the data showed that about 56 accidents take place every hour in the country and driver’s fault (78.8%) was found the single most important factor causing road accidents. Even more alarming is the fact that 53.8% of the victims are young people aged between 15 and 34 years.


Number of new low emission vehicles tripled in the UK bus sector

26 January 2016

More than half of all new buses and coaches registered in the UK in 2015 met the latest Euro-VI emissions standard. This shows that the number tripled compared with 2014, according to data released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).


Princes Street coach ban proposal discarded

25 January 2016

The idea of banning tourist coaches from Princes Street in Scotland will not see the light of day. Due to the intervention of CPT Scotland, coaches will continue to drive along the iconic street of Edinburgh.


Smart city, smart buses

17 December 2015

A Smart City has to have a smart bus network, and this implies one that is easy to understand, intuitive, faster and better connected, so travellers can save time and move around the city in a simpler and more sustainable manner.

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GoEuro gets $45M to make long distance trips by public transport just a click away

17 December 2015

While startups like Uber and BlaBlaCar continue to pack warchests with massive funding rounds as investors bet big that leveraging individual car ownership is the key to powering gigantic transportation/logistics businesses, other startups are taking a different route. And investors aren’t averse to this one either. The underlying assumption being that people, like devices, will be increasingly mobile — provided you make it easy enough for them to get around.

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Brighsun New Energy Bus With 1,000 km Range?

17 December 2015

Brighsun New Energy, one of the many Chinese companies engaged in the manufacturing of electric buses, stated an unbelievable record of 1,004 km (623 miles) covered on a single charge by a prototype electric Touring Coach from Melbourne to Sydney in Australia. If that’s true that would be twice the range of any other EV bus record (even considering potential low-speed driving).

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Luxury coach service launches Houston-Austin route

17 December 2015

After launching a route between Houston and Dallas in April, luxury motor coach service Vonlane announced that it will provide a nonstop service between downtown Houston and Austin, with coaches departing at least twice daily beginning January 17.

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Christmas bus rolls through the Pittsburgh to put passengers in 'better spirits'

17 December 2015

Bill Sanfilippo, a 47-year-old kid, may be driving the only bus in America where all the photos are taken of what’s inside the windows. Mr. Sanfilippo’s Christmas bus has become a holiday tradition in Pittsburgh, and he has never done it up bigger than this season. Rare is the passenger who can keep the traditional stone-faced commuter stare upon boarding his Port Authority bus, not when everyone from Santa to the Grinch is looking back.

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Christmas-themed buses bring cheer to commuting in Sydney

17 December 2015

A battle between the best Christmas-themed buses took place on Dec. 14, where three finalists faced off in front of Sydney's Town Hall for the annual event.

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Fuel cell electric buses: already cleaning transport

11 December 2015

As the COP21 starts, CHIC (Clean Hydrogen in European Cities), a flagship zero emission bus project saves over four million litres of fuel and demonstrates that the fuel cell bus technology is ready to underpin the decarbonisation of our urban centres.

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