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From apps with love
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Surveys show that more and more people will only ride buses if the information gets better!

Fortunately, modern information systems are helping passengers find the right bus or coach at the right time, and helping the driver take the right route, even in foreign countries.

Check out some user-friendly apps that make your bus and coach travel experience that much better!


Finding a bus for your next trip is as easy as 1 2 3!

Busbud is your one-stop shop to search and book intercity bus travel. Whether you're commuting between cities or traveling across the world, they will help you find the right bus for your trip.

App helps bus and coach riders who are blind, deaf or otherwise disabled

The “On The Bus” app, created by researchers in Barcelona, may prove to be very user-friendly to bus and coach passengers who are blind, deaf or otherwise disabled.

On The Bus hooks into GPS and transit data from a city and alerts the user where and when they need to board, signal and disembark.

Watch this video to find out more about navigation technology that helps bus riders who are blind.


Track your bus!

Wondering if you have time to finish your cup of coffee in the morning or if you should rush to the bus stop? No need to wonder anymore, just check your phone!

U.S. company Megabus has launched a new
bus tracking application
 for customers - And it's free!


New technology, better services

Calgary Transit is among the first Canadian major urban systems to make use of new technology, such as the online look-up schedules and trip planning tools.

After SMS notifications that provided users with instant messages about delays or new services, new technology will now also help in service management and ticketing too!

Pay for your bus the Smart way

“Touch2Pay”, a new mobile smartphone app developed in New Zealand, allows customers to board buses by swiping their phone. A smart idea that should spread worldwide!

In London, you can now also pay for bus travel using contactless credit, debit or charge cards, as well as cash and Oyster cards.

A Smart Move for bus riders and the environment!

Create your own bus route!

Have you ever wished there were an easy way to get to a sporting event, a concert,or a weekend destination without the hassle of driving and parking? You’re not the only one, but sometimes there is just no way to get there with public transport!

That's over with RouteSprout where anyone can suggest a new route!


Check out how...

Smart user-friendly bus stops make you forget you are waiting!

Traditional bus stops mostly provide two simple things: a place to sit while you are waiting for the bus and posted bus schedules. But now, we are increasingly witnessing or experiencing new user-friendly and innovative smart bus stops that have free Wi-Fi, touchscreen info kiosks, integrated seats and tables and even charging stations to make your wait time a more enjoyable experience!

In Paris, France, city officials are launching a competitive dialogue with manufacturers to produce the ideal bus stop complete with modern services and even a nice hot cup of coffee! What a great way to get more people to take the bus!


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