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Good for your love life

Getting on your car for a road trip with your sweetheart can be exotic and fun, but it can also have a negative effect on your love life!


Did you know that...



For your next holiday, why not make the Smart Move and travel together by coach, so you can start spending precious time enjoying each other’s company as soon as you leave home!


And, if you need a great conversation starter during your trip, play the “Love’s new math” game and ask yourselves how many bus rides he or she is worth!



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►Luxury on wheels


►Healthier, happier and more relaxed!


►Satisfaction guaranteed


►From apps with love


►Even VIPs take the bus




Not convinced yet? Read more: 

Luxury on wheels
Good for your love life
Healthier, happier and more relaxed!
Satisfaction guaranteed
From apps with love
Even VIPs take the bus

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