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Healthier, happier and more relaxed!
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Driving a car can be a stressful or even unhealthy experience. Besides spending hours of your life trying to park your car, you also have to deal with other problems such as parking tickets, speeding tickets, flat tyres, car fires and fender benders to name a few.


Watch this video from the BBC that shows how commuting by car can damage your mental health!



Bus travel, on the other hand, is good for your mental and physical health, so why not make the Smart Move, by sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a healthy and stress-free ride starting today?

Taking the bus is good for your physical health

No time to exercise? Take the bus! A study shows that public transport has a positive impact on your health.

It's time to make the Smart Move especially when you know that the risk of obesity increases 6% for every additional hour spent in a car.

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Bus riders are happier

In terms of making people happier during their commutes, buses rank 3rd, just after walking and cycling!

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Drivers waste years of their lives in cars

You may want to sit down, because this next sentence will shock you.
Drivers spend three years and four months of their lives in their cars!

Think about how many books you would have had time to read if you had taken the bus instead?

As for parking, if you have ever felt like your life is ticking away as you drive round and round in search of a parking space, you may be right, because a study has found that drivers spend nearly a year of their lives just trying to park.


Riding the bus lets you do so much more!

Distracted drivers need longer braking distances depending on what they are doing behind the wheel. But, if you take the bus, you can do almost all of these things while staying safe and relaxed!


Source: Riesgos de usar el celular mientras conduces

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