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#30 - May 2013        



Welcome to the latest newsletter from the Smart Move campaign. With this month seeing the publication of the final policy recommendations from the EU Smart Move High Level Group and public debate on the results, we have a sneak preview of some of the recommendations that could lead to a step change in the use of buses and coaches on the continent.


You will also discover how a German coach operator is promoting the benefits of coach tourism by travelling around the world and check on their real-time progess, learn how the UK is not only getting greener and more efficient, but encouraging more people to leave their cars at home, while German car drivers are getting more than they bargained for when they get a parking ticket. Finally, new technology is helping Copenhagen become the first carbon neutral city, and totally re-imagining bus service!



- The Smart Move team



SNEAK PREVIEW: Final policy recommendations to double the use of buses and coaches in Europe by 2025 

The EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group’s public debate and publication of its policy recommendations are taking place next week in Brussels, bringing together key transport and mobility politicians, industry stakeholders and European Institutions to double the use of buses and coaches in Europe by 2025. Get ready for a sneak preview! 

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Coach travels the world to raise awareness on coach tourism benefits

A German travel company has launched an around-the-world coach trip to raise awareness on the benefits of coach tourism. The journey will cover an incredible 52,000 km and pass through 26 countries in nine months!


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‘Catch the bus’ week for a billion fewer car trips

Smart Move partner and sustainable transport group, Greener Journeys, launched a ‘Catch the bus week’ campaign from 29 April to 5 May with wide support from operators on UK bus routes and full backing of the UK Government to get the public out of cars and onto buses.


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Buses could help Copenhagen reach its goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral city by 2025

EU funded project Compass4D meets in Copenhagen to plan upcoming work to test new technology on 90 buses to improve journey times through better road junction control, therefore helping the Danish capital to reach its goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral city by 2025.


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Lucky bus riders to receive 130 new greener buses and state-of-the-art bus technology and services 

National Express is making a green and user-friendly move with a $40 million investment in 130 new buses, an upgraded control room, hi-tech equipment for a new smartcard ticketing system and a smartphone app for bus riders in the English West Midlands region.


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Millions of students worldwide use buses each day to connect with their education or training.


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Electronics giant Philips is working on real-time evolving bus stops, based on smartphone apps and Wi-Fi use, that might just change the way we travel!


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The city of Fürth, Germany, gives away a free 1-day bus pass to car drivers that receive a parking ticket, to raise awareness on the benefits of taking the bus!


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Smart Move HLG Public Debate

The release of the policy recommendations from the EU Smart Move High Level Group and public debate

15 May 2013, European Parliament, Brussels


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International Transport Forum's 2013 Summit on Funding Transport & IRU workshop

22-24 May 2013, Leipzig, Germany


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» Publisher: Juliette Ebélé, International Road Transport Union (IRU)



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