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Buses are lifelines to work and school

Besides being major job creators and significant contributors to economies worldwide,buses and coaches are also lifelines to work and school.

Did you know that 1 billion bus trips are taken to work each year in the UK alone? Many workers, living in remote area, without a driving licence or a car, would face a dramatic curtailment of their economic opportunities if it wasn't for public transport by bus or coach.


Similarly, it would be difficult for many pupils and students, whose parents do not drive or cannot afford a car, to go to school and university without buses and coaches. In fact, in many countries and cities, schoolbus services have become the norm.




Not convinced yet?

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Free bus rides for 800,000 jobseekers!

In January 2013, more than 800,000 unemployed jobseekers were granted free bus trips across the UK as part the Bus for Jobs scheme.

What an incredibly Smart initiative and perfect example of how buses are lifelines to work!

Also watch how UK's leading bus companies have committed, in July 2012, to a discounted travel scheme to help the one million unemployed young people get access to jobs and training.


Providing access to education

Millions of students worldwide use buses each day to connect with their education or training.


See how funding transport = access to education



Buses are also a great way to socialise with fellow classmates! Plus, it’s probably better to talk with each other in the bus, rather than in class right? Your teacher will thank you for that.

While buses are perfect for connecting students with schools, more co-operation is needed at an administrative level to implement efficient bus routes and reduce individual car traffic during school rush hours!

Did you know that...

More than 50% of students in the UK are frequent bus users and depend on the bus to get to their education or training.

Also discover why school buses are 7x safer than the family car!


This Smart desk lets you literally take the bus to work!

You’ve most likely seen people working and studying on the bus, but NOT in their living rooms or offices!

A Hungarian designer turned an old bus into a great workspace, bringing efficiency and public transport to a whole new level!

If you thought that was cool, you’ll love this VW bus desk!


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