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Coach travels the world to raise awareness on coach tourism benefits

02 May 2013 - In case you haven’t heard, buses and coaches are perfect for travellers who want to combine comfort, low carbon footprint, safety and a reasonable budget all into one faraway trip.. In fact, no other mode of transport lets you take in so many sights and still have money left over for local cuisine and a few souvenirs!


This coach tour started in April 2013 in Germany and is currently in Iran. The coach has been travelling along the ancient Silk Road, with the aim to go all the way to Shanghai in China. From there, the coach will travel by boat to Alaska and pick up the Pan-American Highway. The coach will then travel the length of North, Central and South America to its southern tip in Patagonia. All in all, a Smart Move to take in sights all around the world!


Learn more about the journey (in German)


See where the coach is at this very moment!

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