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#17 - February 2012        



Smart Move is gaining significant momentum as it expands worldwide from Europe to the United States! This global reach, which increases daily with new partners and supporters, speaks for itself as evidence of the many benefits of Smart Move values to communities and future generations. And yet, U.S. transport policy makers are on the brink of making a serious mistake that would fail to deliver fair transport via bus and coach to the communities who need them most. Fortunately, cities such as Bogotá in Colombia and Coventry in the United Kingdom, are making the Smart Move and enjoying the economic, social and environmental rewards of efficient bus and coach transport systems.


What better time to take part in the discussion about these benefits, than at the IRU Workshop on Long Distance Bus & Coach Travel, the joint IRU/EU Road Transport Conference, and the Annual IRU Spring Cocktail, all taking place on 29 February 2012 in Brussels, only 9 days away? Don't miss out on this great opportunity, and more importantly, make sure to spread the word to others how they too can get involved and make the Smart Move.





North America makes the Smart Move!

US-based Motorcoach Marketing Council partners with Smart Move to promote safe, green, efficient, user-friendly and affordable bus and coach transportation worldwide. 

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U.S. leaders might 'miss the bus' on fair transport

Quality and affordable transportation access is more critical than ever for linking Americans to jobs, schools, grocery stores, hospitals, and other vital services. Yet the U.S. Congress is preparing to vote on a proposal that would strip away all investments in public transit, leaving countless communities disconnected from opportunity.

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Smart Move gaining momentum in Europe 

The Smart Move campaign is off to a great start this year as we welcome, in addition to the recent partners from Germany, Spain, and Portugal in December, a new Ibero-American industry partner, AITBUS, and our 4 new media partners from Romania, Sigurant Auto, Transporter, TIR magazin, and Traveller magazin.

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Workshop only 9 days away! "Long distance bus and coach travel in Europe"

On 29 February, leading representatives from EU institutions, European member states, academics, and transport operators of long distance bus and coach lines will come together in Brussels to share best practices and examine the opportunities and challenges of expanding long distance travel by bus and coach across Europe.

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Bogotá's upgraded bus system to greatly improve urban mobility

More than a decade after its inception, Bogota's pioneering TransMilenio BRT system carries 1.6 million passengers every weekday, and has successfully reduced travel time for Bogotanos, as well as reducing pollution and improving safety. But the new Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) is about to take the success story of TransMilenio a step further by reducing a chaotic, decentralised network of 66 different private bus companies into a streamlined and efficiently coordinated system of 13 companies that will completely transform the culture of transportation in Bogota.

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Coventry wins Coach Friendly City Award 

Smart Move would like to extend its congratulations to the Coventry City Council, winner of the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT)'s Coach Friendly City Award, for its clear understanding of the commitments and investments necessary in providing high quality facilities for coaches, their passengers, and drivers, resulting in improved user-friendliness and efficiency of bus and coach transport.

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Queensland to conduct 12-month trial of hybrid buses to cut emissions 

Government of Queensland, Australia, to spend $1.4million on a 12-month trial of two diesel-electric hybrid buses, which could cut emissions by up to 40 per cent over a traditional bus.

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The world's largest bus can carry 300 passengers!

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112 - The European emergency number to improve road safety for all

The European bus and coach industry and the European Commission jointly promote the Single European Emergency Number 112 Europe-wide to enhance road safety and provide a rapid and effective response in case of a road accident.

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Long distance bus and coach workshop

Brussels, Belgium, Feb 29 2012 



2nd IRU/EU Road Transport Conference

Brussels, Belgium, Feb 29 2012 





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