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Coventry wins Coach Friendly City Award


20 February 2012 - Smart Move would like to extend its congratulations to the Coventry City Council, winner of the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT)'s Coach Friendly City Award, for its clear understanding of the commitments and investments necessary in providing high quality facilities for coaches, their passengers, and drivers, resulting in improved user-friendliness and efficiency of bus and coach transport.


Phil Bateman, CPT West Midlands Regional Manager said "Coventry has committed themselves to becoming a World Class destination of choice for tourism, business, shopping and entertainment. It is clearly a city that excels in accommodating, attracting and welcoming coaches, their drivers, and passengers.”


Coventry outlined their strategy to achieve their vision and demonstrated how they intend to provide a Coach Friendly City based on the following objectives. They have ensured that their coach travel strategy links to the Local Transport Plan; provides comprehensive website information; produces information leaflets; markets and communicates details of coach facilities; and improves direction signs for both coach drivers and passengers.


They have also committed to providing good driver, passenger and coach parking facilities in appropriate and desirable locations, and ensuring accessibility for all passengers, particularly to users with reduced mobility.


(Left to right) Mike de Courcey, Chairman CPT West Midlands Region,  Linda Bigham, Coventry City Council, and  Mark Yexley, President CPT Centre Councillor

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