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The new environmental champs.


Put buses and coaches in the same ring with any other passenger transport mode and they will come out on top with a K.O.


Buses and coaches are the cleanest way to travel. Period.


Your carbon footprint is the smallest when you travel by bus and coach, compared to any other transport mode.

They are champions at reducing congestion, which also means less air pollution on top of fewer road accidents.


This picture says it all.



Check out the Green resources page to download this image and much more!


It is important to change the current mindset and encourage people to travel collectively by bus and coach to help considerably reduce our negative impact on the environment.


Manufacturers and operators are working together to constantly improve the environmental performances of buses and coaches.

Moreover, in most countries, 10% of the bus and coach fleet is renewed every year using the latest available technology in terms of environment friendliness, safety and comfort.




Latest green news 

BRT Cleans the Air and Saves Commute Time in Mexico City and Istanbul

09 May 2014

The international transportation policy group EMBARQ highlights the benefits of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in Mexico City and Istanbul following the outcome of the organization’s recent report - Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of BRT Systems.

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Are you making the Smart or Dumb Move on the way to work each morning

05 March 2014

Are you making the Smart or Dumb Move on the way to work each morning? Play our printable board game to find out!

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French Competition Authority to boost long distance coach travel

28 February 2014

Following a one year industry investigation, the French Competition Authority recently published a report highlighting that the creation of long distance coach lines could create between 10,000 and 16,000 jobs, with the advantage of complementing TGV travel at a much lower cost.

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European Citizens Mobility Forum starts work to double the use of buses, coaches

12 February 2014

The European Citizens Mobility Forum, composed of all key political and business stakeholders, today held its first formal meeting with a view to propose new concrete actions to double the use and market share of buses, coaches and taxis in the EU by 2025.

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Smart Move welcomes new Greek Partner OFAE

28 January 2014

The Smart Move team is pleased to welcome on board the Hellenic Federation of International Road Transport (OFAE), which will join the more than 100 Smart Move Partners, to promote safe, user-friendly, green, efficient and affordable bus and coach transport services in Greece.

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