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Silent but friendly


Imagine sitting down to read a book at your local library, when you suddenly realise there is a full-sized bus right behind you! Ok, that might be hard to believe, but sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction!


Today, twenty-five modern buses or coaches built today make no more noise combined than one bus or coach built before 1980? How’s that for technological progress?

Silence of the Electric Lambs


If you have never been on an electric bus before, well then you haven’t really experienced a true zen atmosphere! Electric buses are as silent as they come, which is why more and more companies are placing orders for them.


15,000 electric buses will be sold in Asia Pacific by 2018 - 75% of the world total.



The city of Salzburg, Austria, recently ordered more electric trolleybuses for its urban transport system, which will bring its total to 65 by 2017. A Smart Example!  






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