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Fighting congestion


The math is simple. One bus can replace a minimum of 30 cars on the road.

Buses and coaches are therefore champions when it comes to reducing road congestion, thus urban air pollution and ultimately road accidents.





Fewer cars means less congestion and less CO2 emissions! What a green deal!

Working together to fight congestion

In Europe, thanks to the bus and coach industry’s tremendous investment in new technology, noxious emissions such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particulates, have been reduced by up to 98%!


Noxious emissions reduction for heavy commercial vehicles, including
buses and coaches.


Source: EU Commission, 2009

Moreover, Green innovation in tourism can drive sustainable development by reducing costs, boosting revenue, creating jobs and improving resource efficiency, but obstacles such as a lack of policy integration in tourism and transport must first be removed.

Indeed, much more can be achieved if a spirit of partnership prevails between governments, competent authorities, businesses and coach operators, to implement pro-coach and bus policies, such as priority lanes and schemes, parking facilities and facilities for drivers, secure parking locations, suitable terminals and stops for scheduled services, etc. These are all essential pre-requisites for any serious anti-congestion policy.

In this perspective, the IRU rewards every two years the most coach friendly municipal policies through its IRU City Trophy Award, in an effort to emulate such best practices worldwide.

Click here to learn more about these and other Smart Awards!




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