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Planning your next summer holiday? Use the Carbon Emissions Calculator!

You can now use a Carbon Emissions Calculator, developed by UK bus company National Express, to compare coach and car emissions. So, before you plan your summer holiday, find out how many kilogrammes of CO2 you can save if you travel by coach!

Bus stops reduce carbon emissions. Wait. Say what?

Yes. You read that correctly. Modern bus stops are going green such as the Buchanan Bus Station in Scotland that switched to solar with a £20,000 panel installation! A smart commitment to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs!

Cutting the cord - electric buses that recharge wirelessly!

The bus of the future is fully operational on the streets of Turin and Genoa in Italy and has been for 10 years! Can you believe that these electric buses can recharge wirelessly?

Other countries should be following soon! Great news!


EcoManager reduces fuel consumption, emissions and accidents

EcoManager is installed on thousands of buses and coaches across Europe and has resulted in savings of over 12% fuel, 12% CO2 emissions, and 39% fewer accidents!

Recharge a bus in just 40 minutes!

New electric buses in Coventry, UK, can be fully recharged in just 40 minutes! It’s all part of a “green transport revolution” in the West Mids. A Green Move!

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