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There are lots of facts, stories, photos, posters, and more for you to use to help spread the word.

Everything you need to get cracking and help us spread the word is right here: logos, posters, factsheets, videos, photos, infographics, brochures... Take your pick!


Great ideas take time to share, but once people know about it, it doesn't take too long for them to get involved.


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Download all Smart Move logos

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Download Smart Move promotional material


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Leaflet - high res.

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"Safe" infographics, factsheet and ads

Discover more safe facts

Download the Safe Factsheet PDF


Bus and coach road safety handbook


This handbook consolidates IRU initiatives in the field of bus and coach road safety. It can be used by a large variety of stakeholders – from bus and coach company managers and their drivers, to politicians, civil servants and citizens -, who all have a stake in keeping the bus and coach industry at the forefront of society’s efforts to maintain and further improve its excellent safety record.


Bus and coach road safety handbook.pdf (2.1 MB)


Safe-driving checklist

Professionally driven coaches are involved in fewer road accidents per km travelled than other vehicles. However, coach drivers need to drive in a responsible manner at all times and show professionalism by anticipating and forgiving stupid and unsafe behaviour by other road users. In order to help the drivers adapting their behaviour, the IRU has developed this checklist.


Coach driver's Checklist.pdf (396.8 KB)

IRU coach safety card.pdf (813.6 KB - Pocket format)

Safe driving in tunnels

In order to enhance road safety in tunnels, the IRU has developed this checklist to help coach and truck drivers adjust their behaviour according to different situations.


Checklist on safe driving in tunnels.pdf (330 KB)

Checklist against fire for buses and coaches

In order to prevent fire on vehicles, the IRU has worked out a checklist of recommended periodical inspections to be integrated in the maintenance performance activities of the transport operations. Vehicles maintenance on a regular basis can ensure early identification of vehicle problems and defects likely to cause a fire.


Checklist against fire for buses and coaches.pdf (863.4 KB)


Winter checklist

Winter driving in snow and ice can result in difficult situations for drivers. Some knowledge of how to prepare for winter driving and a few safety tips can make a difficult situation much more manageable and a driver far more capable. In order to prepare for the winter season in the most efficient way, the IRU has developed this checklist aimed at all drivers and transport managers.


Winter checklist for drivers.pdf (432.3 KB)

Safe infographics


Download and share this ad by gomotorcoach.org


Safe related websites

FBAA Road Safety Campaign
(French only) Flemish version

“Safety in Coaches” initiative launched by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development



"Safe" videos

Here is a great video infographic about the buses potential and benefits of reducing traffic in cities.



French Passenger Transport Association, FNTV, launched an awareness raising campaign aimed at improving road safety in teenagers transport by coach. (French only)






"Green" factsheet, infographics, ads, take your pick!

Discover more Green facts

Download the eco-driving checklist and become a fuel-efficient driver!

ECO-driving is not only an easy and cost efficient way to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gases and accident rates, but also an attitude and respect for society as a whole. In order to help drivers adjust their driving behaviour according to different situations, the IRU has developed this checklist of smart, smooth and safe ECO-driving techniques.


Eco-Driving safety.pdf (814.3 KB)

Getting there Greener - Your guide to a lower carbon holiday!




Guide to low carbon transport

Learn how sustainable transport can fight climate change.



Greener Journeys resource page

A great collection of case studies, reports, facts, figures and much more!

Read more…

ADEME resource page

Another awesome collection of facts, figures and more info on CO2 emissions

Read more…

Eurolines CO2 Calculator

Now you can compare CO2 emissions between different travel modes for your next trip!

Read more…

Download and share these great ads!



Green infographics





"Green" videos

Watch this cute video about designing a sustainable bus!




“If we all travel together, things could get better and better” - a great slogan to encourage people to take buses and coaches to combat climate change!




“We need to get more individual cars off roads and into buses” says Isabelle Durant, Vice President of the European Parliament...




...and Michael Cramer, German Member of the European Parliament.




“Smart Move is a fantastic campaign to raise awareness on reducing CO2 emissions for a better environment” says Ruben Prada Garcia, ASTIC Vice President.






"User-friendly" factsheet, infographics, ads and more.


Discover more User-friendly facts



Download the User-friendly Factsheet PDF


Know your passenger rights!




Download the operator's guide - PDF


Check out this Guide for knowing how to travel (French only)




Download the "Rude behaviour in public transport" e-book (French only)




 User-friendly infographics


 Download and share these great ads by gomotorcoach.org!





"User-friendly" videos

Watch this excellent BBC news story that shows us how commuting by car can damage your mental health!



Watch this video to discover the awesome advantages that make Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) the mobility hit for Smart cities!




Watch this video to find out more about navigation technology that helps bus riders who are blind.



French Passenger Transport Association (RATP) decided to shake things up a bit, by engaging bus commuters with funny and creative dialogues aimed at raising awareness on user-friendly themes. Have a look! (French only)








See the world's fastest "super bus" in action!


  If you need photos, visit the Smart Move photo gallery on Flickr.
  We have loads of other smart videos that we’ve collected just for you that are super easy to share!

"Efficient" factsheet, infographics, videos, you name it.

Discover more Efficient facts

Efficient infographics



Here is a great video infographic about the buses potential and benefits of reducing traffic in cities.




Watch this video to discover the awesome advantages that make Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) the mobility hit for Smart cities!




Watch this TED talk by Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, to find out how Bus Rapid Transit can efficiently move huge amounts of people for 1/10th the cost of a subway!



Watch this short animation to understand why funding transport = access to education

Watch this funny video that shows why it’s Smarter to travel in groups!




Why go to the theatre when the bus can bring the theatre to you?



Geneva Public Transport (TPG) turned buses into a cultural maze to the delight of spectators! A beautiful initiative!





"Affordable" facsheet, infographic and videos

Discover more Affordable facts

Affordable infographics

Watch this great video to learn how taking teh bus can save you and your community money:


Watch this great video to find out why owning a car will cost you half a million dollars!
(French only)



Watch this true story about Dani, a Smart woman who sold her car and is now saving £150 a month by taking the bus!


Watch this video to discover more on how coaches have unbeatable prices!


Watch this video to see why you should give your car a rest and start saving by taking the bus!


Watch this cool video to find out more about some great advantages offered by coach, including a free ticket for the fourth passenger!


  And when you’re done, use Twitter, Facebook or email to tell us what you’re planning, we’d love to hear from you!


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