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The overall objective of Smart Move is to pool all efforts and resources in order to raise policy and opinion leaders' awareness of buses and coaches, and the sustainable transport services they offer. With smart policies that put bus and coach at the centre of the political attention and debate, providing every citizen with a sustainable mobility alternative is at our fingertips.

Smart Move is open for participation, contribution and support of any individual that shares the vision and objectives of the campaign.


Tips and tricks to support the campaign and get the ball rolling...

Basic - « 0 cost » package for use by any supporter

Website and e-communications

  • Place the Smart Move logo + link to www.busandcoach.travel visibly on your website
  • Use the Smart Move logo and or values + link in your email signature
  • Add the Smart Move logo and website URL on your electronic communications materials (.pdf brochures, event programmes, etc.)
  • Use Smart Move videos wherever suitable to support your own messages. Ask your webmaster to get the script from the Smart Move You Tube Channel
  • Encourage your partners to do the same
  • Subscribe to the Smart Move newsletter
  • Promote the smart move newsletter to your partners and encourage them to subscribe.

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Standard Communications- for bus and coach operators

  • Add the Smart Move logo and website address on your communications materials and publications at the next reprint
  • Add the Smart Move logo and website address on your stationary at the next order/reprint
  • Forward Smart Move press releases to your press contacts
  • Encourage your own members/partners to do the same.

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Social Media

  • Place Smart Move social media icons + link on your website, next to the Smart Move logo and link
  • Follow Smart Move on its social media groups (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Post comments/info/links/images/videos on Facebook and retweet Smart Move tweets on Twitter
  • Advertise Smart Move social media groups on your own social media group
  • Encourage your partners and clients to follow Smart Move social platforms
  • Encourage your partners and clients to post comments/info/links/images/videos etc.

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