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Socially connected: no one left behind!


Life is all about staying connected with your social circles, and buses and coaches get that.

Buses and coaches are the best solution for giving back to the community by ensuring that no one gets left behind and that everyone stays connected to society!They are integral parts of the social fabric of communities across the world and are often lifelines to work, education, healthcare, leisure and tourism.

Students, elderly people, tourists, families with low incomes, teens, people with disabilities and reduced mobility and basically anyone needing to get from point A to point B can benefit from the services offered by bus and coach at affordable prices.



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Apprenti’Bus teaches youth to read, write and communicate!

The Apprenti’Bus offers mobile workshops in a bus that are a fun way of getting to grips with reading, arithmetic and oral and written expression! A super Smart iniative!

Buses can help you connect with your family!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are best shared with family and loved ones.

Thanks to the National Older and Disabled Persons Concessionary Travel Scheme in Scotland, families are being brought together from across the country, not only at a special and expensive time of the year, but also all year round!


Santa has ditched his sleigh for a more efficient bus – the Santa Bus!

The Santa Bus is a Smart initiative that gives back to the community by bringing food and money to those who need it most!

Culture made accessible to everyone!


Buses and coaches are more than just a means of travel. They also have the ability to bring cultural enrichment to those who normally could not afford it, through theatre, museums and cultural mazes that are sure to change your perception of passenger transport. You’ll never look at a bus the same way again!



Theatre bus brings the show to you!

Why go to the theatre when the bus can bring the theatre to you?


Check out the world’s first design museum bus!

Check out the world's first design museum on a bus in Moscow! Buses are an excellent way to give back to communities!


Buses transformed into cultural maze!

Visitors in Geneva, Switzerland, enjoyed a delightful cultural maze of old buses that were used as an interactive display of music, performance art and culture! A beautiful and Smart initiative by Geneva Public Transport (TPG).

Click?on the image?to see the video!


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