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Group travel for maximum efficiency

Imagine for just one second that you are in charge of organising a company outing to an amusement park.

You have two transport options.

Option 1 – Everyone takes their car and meets at the park around 10am.

Option 2 – Everyone meets in front of work at 9am to take a coach to the park all together.

Congratulations if you chose Option 1, because you will no longer be put in charge of that particular task in the future.

With Option 1, everyone will arrive at different times, struggling to find directions and park, using fuel and polluting, not to mention more cars means more traffic on roads and potential accidents!

Option 2 means that when you travel by bus and coach everyone arrives on time, relaxing or team building on the way. It also means fewer cars on the road, thus less pollution, less traffic and increased road safety, all while contributing to a cleaner environment!

Plain and simple, buses and coaches provide maximum efficiency when travelling in a large group.

Watch these funny videos that show why it’s Smarter to travel in groups!



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Holy passenger capacity Batman!

The world's longest bus (more than 30 metres long!) the new AutoTram Extra Grand, was unveiled in Dresden, Germany, and can carry 256 passengers!

The World's largest bus, the Youngman JNP6250G measures in at over 25 metres long and can carry up to 300 passengers!


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