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Creating jobs and boosting economies



Buses and coaches are vital elements for economic and social well-being. You can always count on them to boost the economy, in good times and bad.


They are excellent at creating millions of jobs for drivers, mechanics, manufacturers, companies, tourist agencies and many other tourism-related sectors, including the hotel and food industry and retail stores.





Not convinced yet?

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Creating more jobs? Easy as pie.

For every one job created in the bus and coach sector in the U.S., it generates 3 to 3.5 additional jobs in partner industries, according to the Motorcoach Council.

Did you know that an investment of $1 billion in public transportation in the U.S. supports and creates 36,000 jobs? A good reason to join Smart Move!

Take a look at this infographic that shows how bus manufacturing = jobs across America.

Just how many jobs does the bus and coach industry create in Europe? Take a look!

French bus company FNTV signed a Convention with Defense Mobility to recruit retiring military personnel as professional drivers! This benefits everyone and also contributes to doubling the use of buses and coaches! Very nice indeed!

What about an employment bus? In France, a job placement agency created an “employment bus” and hit French roads in search of new candidates! What a Smart initiative!

Good for economies!

How good are buses and coaches at boosting economies? Take a look!
In the UK, the bus industry contributes $3.2 billion per year.

Coach tourism in Germany generates $13.5 billion in annual sales, according to a two-year study involving 3,000 coach travellers and companies.

The Spanish bus and coach industry is a major source of economic activity with a turnover of $4.9 billion per year and contributes $4.1 billion to Spain’s GDP.

$41.2 billion a year come from people who use the bus for shopping and leisure trips in the UK, while UK bus commuters generate over $97 billion of economic output per year according to a report from the University of Leeds.


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