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#23 - September 2012        



It’s time to welcome in autumn with the latest bus and coach news from around the world. In this issue you will find out how you can contribute your voice to next week’s meeting of the EU Smart Move High Level Group who is looking for policy ideas to double the use of buses and coaches.


You’ll learn how London public transport successfully delivered the 2012 Olympic Games and how innovation is happening in different countries with the world’s longest bus in Dresden, Germany, ‘smart buses’ for Australian commuters, a mobile phone app that puts EU passenger rights info directly in the palm of your hand and traffic lights in Washington D.C. that specifically turn green for buses!


Don’t forget to share with those around you why they should leave their cars at home and make the Smart Move!


- The Smart Move team



EU Smart Move High Level Group: have your say

The EU Smart Move High Level Group, composed of the European Commission, elected representative from the 4 main parties in the European Parliament and leading industry stakeholders, operators and passenger groups has been doing its work since May 2012. They are meeting again next week to find the best solutions for securing the sustainable future of group tourism by coach in Europe. So be part of the solution and let them hear your ideas for doubling the use of buses and coaches! Read more


Public transport successfully ‘delivered’ for London 2012

18 million spectator journeys were made to venues in London using public transport during the Olympics. A further 900,000 spectators used park-and-ride, shuttle buses, accessible services, direct coaches, and special walking and cycling routes, to get to nine venues outside London during the Olympic Games. A Smart Move for the city and for the Games!

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Love the bus

A European bus operator has taken innovative steps to promote bus use among the wider public. Check out the video to see this fun example of how bus use is being promoted in one UK city that could be applied to a city near you. So get on board!

Watch here


Public transport patronage in Melbourne is booming, with commuters making an extra 19 million trips last financial year. Buses have seen the biggest growth with an increase of 16% or 17 million extra journeys.

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The longest bus in the world

The new and longest bus in the world has taken to the streets of Dresden, Germany this month as part of the city's continuing innovation in bus service provision. The city was the winner of the IRU City Trophy 2005 for its innovations in the bus sector.

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Washington DC buses get ahead with lights, lanes and shoulders

Local officials in Washington DC are looking to speed up buses along the region's traffic-clogged roads, using various tools from special lanes to new signals at traffic lights that turn green for buses. The improvements are being financed by a $58.8 million federal stimulus grant.

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Hybrids capture 40% of transit bus market in North America

Hybrid buses are gaining North American and Asian- Pacific markets. This trend looks set to continue its solid growth until 2018 a report says.

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“Intelligent co-pilot” further increases bus and coach safety performance

A new vehicle safety system – a so-called “intelligent co-pilot” - that takes control of the vehicle when it detects that the driver may have failed to take account of road hazards - has been developed by researchers at the American university MIT.

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Did you know that omnibuses have been carrying urban passengers since 1662?


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Keep your passenger rights at hand, everywhere.

Passengers stranded at bus terminals or awaiting missing luggage may now use a mobile application for free to check their rights immediately and on the spot.

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The Euro Bus Expo 2012

6-8 November, Birmingham National Exhibition Centre

Birmingham, UK


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» Publisher: Juliette Ebélé, International Road Transport Union (IRU)



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