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The longest bus in the world

29 August 2012 - The world's longest bus, the new AutoTram Extra Grand, was presented to the public for the first time in the historic city centre of Dresden, Germany on August 22.


The multi-unit vehicle with is more than 30 metres long and has a capacity of 256 passengers. It’s development has been supported by the “Innovative Regionale Wachstumskerne” research program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


The AutoTram technology is based on a vehicle concept combining all the advantages of both rail and road-bound transport systems. So far, the concept had only been used for research purposes, but is now applied in practice.


Due to its high transport capacity, the AutoTram Extra Grand bridges the gap between conventional city buses and trams, offering new possibilities for an environmental friendly public transport. The vehicle is also suitable for the use in BRT (bus rapid transit) systems, according to company officials.


Another significant technical feature, apart from the vehicle’s dimensions, is the train-like guidance of the vehicle. The AutoTram Extra Grand has four guided axles, three of which can be steered. With the multi-axle steering system, the vehicle can be manoeuvred like a 12-meter bus both forward and reverse.

The vehicle has also been developed with improved battery storage systems, enabling all-electric operations for a distance of 8 kilometres. The batteries can be charged while in operation and so further extend the electric operational distances.


The city of Dresden has already been recognised for its innovation in the bus and coach sector. The city was awarded the IRU City Trophy in 2005 for its progress approach to coach parking and the installation of a bus guidance system. An excellent example to other towns and cities!


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