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 #1 - September 2010        


Welcome to the upgraded version of the Smart Move Newsletter! It will showcase monthly the social, economic & environmental benefits of buses and coaches, as integral parts of the public transport chain.


Smart Move TV  

Smart Move is a global awareness campaign advocating an increased use of buses and coaches to achieve sustainable mobility for all.

By offering green, safe, efficient, user-friendly and affordable mobility, buses and coaches can help meet current and future mobility challenges. Make the Smart Move: support the campaign!


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European Mobility Week: Travel Smarter, Live Better

The European Mobility Week, taking place from 16 to 22 September 2010, with the participation of over 1,600 cities all over the world on the theme, Travel Smarter, Live better, aims at encouraging the use of collective transport and travel, raising awareness of private cars’ long-term impact on mobility in towns and the risks connected with pollution, and improving urban life and air quality by reducing congestion.

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Bus Rapid Transit systems earn additional point in efficiency, user-friendliness and affordability and overtake light rail!

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) provides the same capacity, speed and accessibility as light rail but with the added advantage of flexibility as  it can travel on all roads, whereas light rail is limited to its rail track.

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Solarve : The first Solar-Powered public bus in Japan provides a high-tech ride

Japan recently unveiled a Solar-Powered public bus, the Solarve (Solar Vehicle) produced by Sanyo and Ryobi.  The bus is equipped with solar cells on top that generate power for its interior LED lights.

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China's Straddling Bus Reduces Congestion and Carbon Emissions 

Faced by increasing traffic congestion problems, China has revealed its plan to start trial operations by the end of this year in Beijing of an eco-friendly 'straddling bus' that can carry up to 1,400 passengers at once, and allow other vehicles to drive under its uplifted passenger compartment, a move that will significantly reduce traffic jams.

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Cities and Attractions Survey: Improving Group Tourism in Europe

As a crucial industry significantly contributing to the well-being of economies and citizens, tourism should not be taken for granted nor its needs overlooked. Some cities work well: they provide a warm welcome to tourists, allow competition, encourage innovation, find ways to balance the needs of tourists and residents, and have good facilities and infrastructure. Others are not as well-adapted.

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    That 1 coach can replace up to 50 cars?


    Take the Smart Move Quiz and test your knowledge!


    By switching just one journey in 25 from car to bus or coach, 1 billion car journeys can be removed from our roads, entailing a reduction of 2 million tonnes of CO2. This is Greener Journeys’ ONE Billion Challenge. It is simple and easy: everybody can make a difference.

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