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Solarve: The first Solar-Powered public bus in Japan provides a high-tech ride



Japan recently unveiled a Solar-Powered public bus, the Solarve (Solar Vehicle) produced by Sanyo and Ryobi. The bus is equipped with solar cells on top that generate power for its interior LED lights .While the solar cells currently only power the Bus's interior lighting, the Solarve Bus is the world’s first to use solar power in this way, thereby reducing the fuel consumption necessary to power the electrical systems. When the sun isn’t shining for an extended period of time, power is be supplied by storage batteries inside the bus for about nine hours.


On top of cleaning outside air, Solarve passengers will also enjoy cleaner air inside the bus with air purifiers that eliminate airborne viruses. Sanyo states that they filter out 99 percent of viruses and bacteria from the Solarve Bus's cabin air.




Read more on CNN: The Solarve Bus: Sanyo’s clean, green solar-powered machine

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