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#2 - October 2010        


In this second issue of the Smart Move Newsletter, we look into the tremendously positive achievements of bus and coach transport in NYC, learn how making the Smart Move can help achieve 5 of the 8 Millennium Development Goals, discover the prototype of the future’s public transport, turn school buses into Internet cafes for students and invite you to the 1st EU Road Transport Conference & Ministerial Meeting. Enjoy your reading, and make the Smart Move! 


New York progress report   

New York City makes the Smart Move!

On the occasion of the 6th US Conference on Public Transport and Sustainable Development held in September, New York City unveiled the first results of its “Greener, Greater New-York” strategy which gives priority to buses and coaches since 2007 with the creation of dedicated lanes and new bus stops.

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 MDG Review


Buses and coaches to help achieve MDGs

As published in the official MDG review October 2010, achieving the objective of Smart Move (doubling the use of bus and coach transport worldwide in the next decade), can help achieve 5 out of 8 Millenium Development Goals namely: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, improve maternal health, and combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases by providing affordable access to work and other economic opportunities as well as education and healthcare, and ensure environmental sustainability by reducing congestion and pollution induced by people’s increasing mobility.

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Commuting by bus is better for health, scientists say

A group of scientists, including psychologist Dr David Lewis – the man behind the term ‘Road  Rage’, has been comparing the amount stress involved in bus and car travel and it's come up with some surprising results.

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Superbus: the future of public transport

The University of Delft unveiled a 15 meters long bus prototype that can carry a 23 passengers and run up to 250 km/h. Dubbed as the “future vision of Public Transport”, the vehicle is an innovative concept for safe, flexible, sustainable, and comfortable bus transport.

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For a competitive, sustainable and diversified tourism in Europe 

On the European Tourism Day on 27 September, leading tourism business alliance, Network of European Private Entrepreneurs in the Tourism Sector (NET) met with European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani to present its proposals for the future European Tourism Policy.

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low emission zone


Promoting buses and coaches in cities and tourist destinations

There are today some 160 European cities with Low Emission Zones (LEZs), some of them introducing traffic restrictions and limitations for collective passenger transport by bus and coach.including those equipped with EURO III engines, which was the best environmental deal only 5 years ago.

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Wifi tames rowdy students in school bus 

What had started as an experiment to put a router on a school bus in Tucson, Arizona, has turned a rowdy bus into an Internet cafe.

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    Cameras installed on bus shelters make passengers feel safer

    The Nexus company, operating in the north-east of England is installing 60 cameras in bus shelters to make passengers feel safer while waiting at bus stops and stations.

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    1st IRU/EU Presidency Road Transport Conference & Ministerial Meeting


    Brussels, 1 December 2010


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