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Promoting the use of buses and coaches in cities and tourist destinations


There are today some 160 European cities with Low Emission Zones (LEZs), some of them introducing traffic restrictions and limitations for collective passenger transport by bus and coach, including those equipped with EURO III engines, which was the best environmental deal only 5 years ago.


By restricting the use of buses and coaches, and particularly visiting touring coaches, uncoordinated city policies actually contribute to increased CO2 emission and traffic congestion, and limit the contribution of coach tourists to local and regional economies, whilst negatively impacting the fair and efficient functioning of the European travel and transport market.


Postponing traffic restrictions that affect some 80 000 EURO III coaches until 2015 in Europe would save the industry up to 2 billion Euros, which could be invested in even cleaner vehicles


Designing and implementing a bus and coach-friendly legal and administrative framework at EU level is instrumental in doubling the use of collective transport by bus and coach over the next decade and achieve sustainable mobility for all, as advocated by Smart Move.


Read the industry's recommendations on city traffic restrictions


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