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#3 - November 2010        

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As Bus Rapid Transit systems emulate worldwide with similar beneficial effects on public transport, increased use of buses and coaches is also penetrating the pop culture, the UK police and street furniture.  Practical measures are easy to implement at business or political level to help citizens shift to collective transport by bus and coach. So enjoy your reading, and make the Smart Move!


Modernizing public transport   

BRT Systems reduce congestion, pollution and road accidents in Latin America and Asia

A new report titled “Modernizing Public Transportation,” presents reductions in air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, noise and traffic accidents, as well as increased efficiency achieved by bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors, compared with traditional bus services in 13 Latin American and Asian cities. 

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"…And where pop culture goes, we can hope, so will the masses."

After making the Smart Move by launching the first bus in 2009, LEGO City has recently launched its first intermodal station. Despite a good rail network, the previous versions of LEGO City were dominated by cars and bicycles. Officially founded in 1978, LEGO City is now embracing sustainable mobility, with its bus stops and an improved station which includes intermodal connections between tram, bus, and bike.

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7 Reasons to choose buses over planes

For many years, air travel has been the preferred long-distance transportation. Recently, however, air travel's superior convenience has been overtaken by its crowded routes, increasing delays, and long security lines.

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Taxis support Smart Move!

The taxi industry has unveiled its support to Smart Move’s objective to double the use of buses and coaches by adopting a set of common taxi values: flexible, comfortable, green, safe and accessible, including as a recognised part of the public transport, on the occasion of the IRU International Taxi Forum held in Cologne, Germany, on 5 November 2010. 

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Charterbusconnect.com: travelling in groups has never been easier!

 The recent launch of Charterbusconnect.com, an efficient and user -friendly online booking portal for group travels, makes travelling by bus in the USA easier than ever.

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UK Police make the Smart Move!

Faced with budget cuts, police officers in the UK are told to take the bus. Although the emergency response team still has their cars, the community police that deal with minor offences at two UK towns, Clevendon and Portishead are told to use buses to get around and do their jobs, if no car is available.

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Want a greener city? Grow plants on buses' roofs!

An NYU graduate student, Marco Castro Cosio, has found a good idea to associate buses with greener surroundings and cleaner air by turning them into urban gardens.

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How about omnibus transportation?

CEO of the American Bus Association (ABA), Peter Pantuso, on the advantages of bus transport compared to rail, particularly in terms of costs and efficiency, on the National Journal Blog. In the USA, bus ridership has soared to 762 million passenger trips annually, as consumers begin to understand the convenience of riding a bus.

Read Pantuso's column on the National Journal Blog, 13 October 2010




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    That travelling by bus to school is 7 times safer than driving to school by family car?


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    "Entre deux arrets" ensures women’s safety at night

    Entre deux arrets”, a Canadian bus service allowing women to request that bus drivers stop in between designated bus stops between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m, or after dark, has been operational since 1996. The service allows women and girls to walk shorter distances alone to their destinations at night.

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    The 1st IRU – EU Presidency meeting on the theme “Efficient, Safe, and Sustainable Road Transport for the Future”, will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 1 December 2010.


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