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"...And where pop culture goes, we can hope, so will the masses."

After making the Smart Move by launching the first bus in 2009, LEGO City has recently launched its first intermodal station. Despite a good rail network, the previous versions of LEGO City were dominated by cars and bicycles. Officially founded in 1978, LEGO City is now embracing sustainable mobility, with its bus stops and an improved station which includes intermodal connections between tram, bus, and bike.

LEGO City, just like other contemporary pop-culture elements, is an excellent mirror of dominant trends, yesterday cars and today public transport, as described in a recent article by theCityfix.com :« a shift in the way movies and pop culture depict car-light, transit-oriented and walkable lifestyles may help enshrine the need for mass transit and non-motorized infrastructure in the people and policymakers of the developing world.»


Read more on Urban City (Article in French)

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