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#9 - May 2011        


With the kick off of the UN Decade of action for road safety, the bus and coach industry, as a key contributor to safer mobility, is showcasing its achievements and targeted initiatives in this domain. Coaches are also becoming serious competitors to air and rail travel, as they are made increasingly comfortable for long distance trips, while retaining their flexibility, safety, fuel-efficiency and affordability advantages.

So follow the example of the Italian Tourism authorities, which have heard the industry’s proposals for better coach tourism services, and…make the Smart Move!



UN Decade for Road Safety: buses and coaches in the UK deliver
Travelling by bus or coach is by far the safest form of road passenger transport in the UK. It is over seven times safer than a journey made by car. Fewer cars on our roads also mean lower congestion and ultimately fewer accidents.
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Bus is the Most Cost Effective Means of Public Transportation in the US

A new study released by The American Bus Association Foundation, Federal Subsidies for Passenger Transportation, 1960-2009, shows that the private commercial bus industry is the most cost effective mode of public transportation in the United States.

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Belgian bus and coach industry focuses on road safety

The Belgian Bus and Coach Federation, FBAA has been conducting various activities aimed at promoting road safety for years, including an online campaign for promoting road safety on www.voyagescolairesecurite.org in French or www.veiligeschoolreis.org in Dutch.

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A cocoon in a coach: feel at home when travelling long distance!

The coach company, Willer Express, in Japan has transformed a coach into a luxurious mode of transport by designing the interiors of the bus as the first class cabins of wide bodied aircrafts. The extremely luxurious seat modules are called cocoons.

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Italian tourism department to address coach travel and tourism industry requests
Following the results of the first meeting of the all-Italian Round Table on the outstanding issue of coach tourism entry fees (“bus ticket”) in Italian cities, and the joint intervention of the European travel and coach travel industry, represented by the IRU, ECTAA and ETOA, on 10 May, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Italy has invited the competent Tourism Department to come up with its own observations to the proposals made by the organised coach tourism industry in Italy.
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Did the fuel price hikes make you change your mobility habits?


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Localisation technologies & on-demand bus services

In the city of Nantes, thanks to MOBITrans, passengers can obtain real-time information about the next two waiting times at bus and tram stations on their mobile phones. This allows passengers to better plan their time when taking public transport.

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Busworld Kortrijk

Kortrijk, Belgium, 21-26 October 2011



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