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A cocoon in a coach: feel at home when travelling long distance!

The coach company, Willer Express in Japan has transformed a coach into a luxurious mode of transport by designing the interiors of the bus as the first class cabins of wide bodied aircrafts. The extremely luxurious seat modules are called cocoons.


The “cocoon” coach can accommodate twelve people and makes long-distance travel dramatically more comfortable. Every seat has its own personal relaxation pod, complete with a seat that reclines 140 degrees, a personal entertainment system, free WiFi, dedicated power outlets, and high partitions to separate you from your fellow travel mates.


In all likelihood you can catch a bus from somewhere near your office whereas you have to travel some distance to catch a flight. Plus you don’t have to go through an elaborate security check to board a bus. The cost of one way trip on these luxury buses is $130 which is much cheaper than a bullet train. It does take a little more time but you get much more comfort and luxury. So, make the Smart Move and take the bus!



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