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Bus is the Most Cost Effective Means of Public Transportation in the US

A new study released by The American Bus Association Foundation, Federal Subsidies for Passenger Transportation, 1960-2009, shows that the private commercial bus industry is the most cost effective mode of public transportation in the United States.


Looking at transportation subsidy in terms of dollar amounts for 2009 the chart below makes it clear that motorcoach operations provide the most cost effective mode of transportation available.


 “This study shows that our industry has a great story to tell the American people,” said Peter J.Pantuso, President and CEO of the American Bus Association. “Our industry provides flexible, cost effective and environmentally friendly transportation. Bus operators serve intercity travelers, commuters, tourists and in particular rural communities that lack other transportation options.


Motorcoach operations do not require massive new investments in infrastructure and provide direct employment for over 600,000 Americans.” Pantuso continued, “I hope federal and state lawmakers take note of this study. Our industry is part of the transport solution and investing in motorcoach operations through adequate planning is the most cost effective way to provide sustainable mobility choice to the traveling public.”


The motorcoach industry undertakes travelers on average 745 million passenger trips a year with practically no federal subsidy. As legislators contemplate the future of national transportation network in the US, the motorcoach industry should serve as an example of how private sector companies can provide cost effective transportation solutions today and for the future.


Click here to download a summary of the report

Click here to download the entire report including tables and methodology


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