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Best practices for policy makers

Your counterparts from all over the world have implemented measures, incentives and policies that work. If you care for increased road safety, social cohesion and life quality in your community, here's some fuel for thoughts.


Here is a collection of tried and tested solutions from all over the world. They are categorised by themes and smart values (safe, green, user-friendly, efficient, affordable). See which ones suit best your needs, and implement them!



 // Connected mobility 2025


Personal mobility is key to the success and prosperity of a country's economy. But population growth, and therefore the increase in traffic in the world's largest megacities lead to paralysis. 


This study on the socio-economic costs of traffic congestion in 30 of the world’s major cities highlights that the integration of various transport modes would have a positive impact in environmental terms, but also on the quality of life and would save USD 266 billion per year to the world’s 30 largest megacities.

// Doubling the use of buses and coaches - Practical solutions

A collection of practical solutions for businesses and policy makers to achieve the objective of doubling the use of buses and coaches.


practical solutions.pdf (1.2 MB)

// Bus and coach transport services: benefits, innovations.


A brochure from our Belgian partner, the Belgian Federation of Bus Operators and Coach (FBAA) for the Smart Move campaign, focusing on the benefits of buses and coaches and technological innovations that can be used to optimise their services. This brochure also identifies priority issues in the industry and potential solutions.


FBAA Brochure FR.pdf (4.2 MB)

// Mobil'Idées - Best practices in public transport by bus and coach

A brochure from our French partner, the Fédération nationale du Transport de Voyageur (FNTV), showcasing best practices in bus and coach transport, ranging from information, network and safety to customer satisfaction and continued improvements.


Mobilidees.pdf (5.4 MB)

// Stockholm's Coach Management Policy 

A report on the Coach Management policy of the IRU City Trophy 2009 winner: Stockholm. The European Green City Capital adopted number of measures to achieve sustainable development in transportation that respects the environment and provides economic growth and employment opportunities.


stockholm management policy.pdf (847.1 KB)

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For policy makers:


 Added Value


 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)


 Information technologies



 Quality and satisfaction



City Trophy Award

Coach Tourism Innovation Award


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