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Affordable. Going far for much less


Buses and coaches are the most cost-effective and economically sound way to travel, whether the economy is good or bad.


Rail travel is often twice as expensive as travelling by coach, while travelling by car is almost three times as costly!



Imagine all the great things you could buy if you left your car at home for just 1 month. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of the exciting ways people have saved money by travelling by bus and coach!


Watch this insightful animation to better understand the snowball effect of taking the bus more often. If not for yourself, do it at least for others that might not be as wealthy as you!





Latest Affordable news

IRU and CTC RTC create Smart Move Working Group in CIS region

23 May 2014

IRU and CTC RTC create Smart Move Working Group in CIS region to double use of collective passenger transport.

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SAVE THE DATE - Workshop on Multimodal Terminals, Brussles, 14 October 2014

20 May 2014

The European Citizens’ Mobility Forum (ECMF) will organise, on the 14 October 2014, in Brussels, a workshop dedicated to Multimodal Terminals which will bring together EU, national and local authorities, as well as civil society researchers and stakeholders, business representatives and trade associations to debate the role and place of passenger transport terminals in the intermodal transport chain.

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BRT Cleans the Air and Saves Commute Time in Mexico City and Istanbul

09 May 2014

The international transportation policy group EMBARQ highlights the benefits of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in Mexico City and Istanbul following the outcome of the organization’s recent report - Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of BRT Systems.

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Are you making the Smart or Dumb Move on the way to work each morning

05 March 2014

Are you making the Smart or Dumb Move on the way to work each morning? Play our printable board game to find out!

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French Competition Authority to boost long distance coach travel

28 February 2014

Following a one year industry investigation, the French Competition Authority recently published a report highlighting that the creation of long distance coach lines could create between 10,000 and 16,000 jobs, with the advantage of complementing TGV travel at a much lower cost.

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