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Long distance travel for budget-conscious travellers!


Buses and coaches are perfect for travellers who want to combine comfort, low carbon footprint, safety and a reasonable budget all in one faraway trip. Yes, it is all possible, and delivered to you by buses and coaches , while enjoying first class service.


In fact, no other mode of transport lets you take in so many sights and still have money left over for local cuisine and a few souvenirs!


Check out these excellent examples of why you should consider the advantages of buses and coaches for your next holiday!





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Most cost-effective way to travel

Visit 51 European cities with a 15-day bus pass for only $230!

Now you can see more of Europe for even less with a Eurolines Pass that offers unlimited travel to 51 major European cities at a super low price! Best of all, you can even plan your route as you travel!

Plus, passengers booking last-minute travel to Paris by coach can save roughly 60% compared to flying and all thanks to an all-inclusive pricing strategy from Eurolines!

See major European cities while respecting your budget!

Now you can travel between major European cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Lille, London, Lyon, Milan, Paris and Turin) all while respecting your budget, with long-distance coach services iDBUS and Starshipper!

Watch this cool video to find out more about some great advantages offered by coach.


Travel the Ancient Silk Road for $197!

A Birmingham-Pakistan coach line lets you travel along the ancient Silk Road as you pass through at least seven countries and costs only $197. The 12-day coach route has been floated as a means of strengthening ties between the two communities.

Visit North America for the incredibly low price of $1

Next time you go to the U.S. or Canada, consider travelling with Megabus, a long distance bus company with exceptionally cheap journeys for as as $ 1

A Megabus survey found that 92% of its customers prefer bus travel to other forms of transport because it saves money!


Mobile app helps you save money on long distance intercity bus travel

Bustripping is a new mobile app launching in May 2013 to compare prices for your long distance intercity bus travels.? A Smart Move to save money!

The Rolling Hotel: A coach and hotel all in one for an unforgettable, flexible holiday!

Rotel appeals to budget-conscious travellers by rolling a coach and hotel all into one! Operating in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, passengers sit in the front of the coach for daytime sightseeing and adjourn to the rear of the vehicle at night to enjoy their semi-private sleeping quarters, featuring a six-foot-long bed!


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