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Bus vs. car: show me the money

Remember the classic scene from the movie Jerry MaGuire, where Tom Cruise shouts out “Show me the money!”?  It must have worked, because buses and coaches have responded! Watch out private car users, there’s a new King in town when it comes to affordability!






Not convinced yet? Read more:


Long distance travel for budget-conscious travellers!



Most cost-effective way to travel

Owning a car will cost you $588,000 over your lifetime!

Did your jaw just drop? Think about that for a second. Owning a car over your entire lifetime will cost you half a million dollars! Not a very Smart Move!

Watch this great video to find out why owning a car will cost you half a million dollars! (French only)

Riding the bus can save you $9,880 per year!

Yes, you read that correctly. Bus riders can save $9,880 annually just by leaving their cars at home! So, the real question is, when will you make the Smart Move for your wallet?

Public transport is 10 to 20% less expensive than using your car!


Coach costs a third less than travelling by car

Coach travel costs a third of travelling by car, and half the cost of travelling by high speed train (AVE) in Spain, which is why coach services are used by more than four million Spanish households that do not have private cars and households with lower incomes.



Citizens living in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, know a good thing when they see it, and it doesn’t get better than free public transport across the entire bus and tram network in 2013!

Local residents and tourists visiting Panama City Beach, Florida, have also been the lucky recipients of free “beach bus” rides that take you anywhere you want along the beach!


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