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App helps you look before you book

Thanks to SaferBus, keeping safe and sound when travelling by bus or coach is
child’s play.


SaferBus is a free smart phone app that lets you check a bus company's safety record before buying a ticket or booking group travel.

Launched by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), SaferBus provides access to safety records for the last two years on nearly 6,000 interstate commercial passenger carriers operating in the U.S., which includes privately operated coach, school bus and tour bus companies.


Search results are based on assessments of 7 key areas:


  Unsafe driving


  Fatigued driving


  Driver fitness


  Controlled substances/alcohol


  Vehicle maintenance


  Hazardous Materials Compliance


  Crash indicator


A company’s score is shown as a percentage and the lower the percentage the safer the bus company.


Take safety into your own hands and download the free app.


Find out more on the app webpage.






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