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Bus and coach road safety handbook


This handbook consolidates IRU initiatives in the field of bus and coach road safety. It can be used by a large variety of stakeholders – from bus and coach company managers and their drivers, to politicians, civil servants and citizens -, who all have a stake in keeping the bus and coach industry at the forefront of society’s efforts to maintain and further improve its excellent safety record.


 Bus and coach road safety handbook.pdf (2.1 MB)


Safe-driving checklist

Professionally driven coaches are involved in fewer road accidents per km travelled than other vehicles. However, coach drivers need to drive in a responsible manner at all times and show professionalism by anticipating and forgiving stupid and unsafe behaviour by other road users. In order to help the drivers adapting their behaviour, the IRU has developed this checklist.


Coach driver's Checklist.pdf (396.8 KB)

IRU coach safety card.pdf (813.6 KB - Pocket format)

Safe driving in tunnels

In order to enhance road safety in tunnels, the IRU has developed this checklist to help coach and truck drivers adjust their behaviour according to different situations.


Checklist on safe driving in tunnels.pdf (237.1 KB)

Checklist against fire for buses and coaches

In order to prevent fire on vehicles, the IRU has worked out a checklist of recommended periodical inspections to be integrated in the maintenance performance activities of the transport operations. Vehicles maintenance on a regular basis can ensure early identification of vehicle problems and defects likely to cause a fire.


 Checklist against fire for buses and coaches.pdf (863.4 KB)


Winter checklist

Winter driving in snow and ice can result in difficult situations for drivers. Some knowledge of how to prepare for winter driving and a few safety tips can make a difficult situation much more manageable and a driver far more capable. In order to prepare for the winter season in the most efficient way, the IRU has developed this checklist aimed at all drivers and transport managers.


 Winter checklist for drivers.pdf (432.3 KB)

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 Safe infographics


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