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Without smart moves urban transport will not achieve climate ambitions, ITF report warns

According to the recently released ITF Transport Outlook 2017, car use in cities is set to double by 2050 as emerging economies meet mobility demand. Better vehicle and fuel technology will not be enough to achieve a reduction of CO2 emissions in cities. Changes in the mobility behaviours need to occur in order to make a difference.


Cities should put in place stronger transport policies and incentives to better support a greater use of buses and coaches. Buses and coaches are an efficient and affordable form of collective passenger transport. Research suggests that one bus can replace a minimum of 30 cars. Buses and coaches represent the best solution for reducing congestion on roads and for fighting climate change.


Smart Move welcomes ITF’s work on this important topic and will continue to work with ITF and all other partners to help ensure that people make the Smart Move.



Read IRU’s contribution on smart urban mobility presented at Habitat III Conference in Quito 2016.


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