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How can I make the Smart Move?

Experience it.

So you think taking the bus won’t make a big difference in your life?

Try this easy test:
Leave your car at home for just one month and take the bus.
Add up the money you saved in parking fees, tolls and gas at the end of the month.
Add up the time you saved being stuck in traffic jams, looking for a parking space and make a list of everything you did instead


  • read a book 
  • texted friends
  • called mum
  • surfed the web
  • watched a movie
  • updated my Facebook status
  • tweeted my latest thoughts
  • posted a picture of my dog on instagram
  • listened to music (without being a safety hazard)
  • had a nice conversation with a sweet old lady
  • met a wonderful girl on the way to work
  • daydreamed while capturing the city’s beauty,
  • caught up on some sleep


You name it. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the freedom you experience by getting out from behind the steering wheel!

Now take the money you saved, go shopping at that store you discovered while surfing the web with the free Wi-Fi on the bus and buy something nice for your Aunt, your best friend or the girl you met.

Oh, and that smart move you made? It’s also good for your community:


Share it!  
Now that you’ve tested it for yourself, go around and tell everyone what you discovered about buses and coaches.

Sure, you might get some funny looks. People might call you an Eco-hippie. But there really is so much more to it than the environment.
It’s also about the entire community. Your community. 

So sit back and relax. The message will do the rest.



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