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#6 - February 2011        


Good news for transport policy makers: high standards are spreading fast within the bus and coach industry worldwide, as major markets such as China and Brazil adopt the latest vehicle technologies and best policy practices to enhance their public transport systems’ performance in terms of safety, environmental friendliness and efficiency.


As Bus Rapid Transit systems and information technologies are emerging as cost-effective ways to increase the attractiveness of bus and coach transport, bus theater and wifi are other user-friendly initiatives that can make travelling by bus more enjoyable. So make the Smart Move! 




Guangzhou, China, wins 2011 Sustainable Transport Award for its Bus Rapid Transit System

The city of Guangzhou, China, won the 2011 Sustainable Transport Award for its new world-class Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System that integrates with bike lanes, bike share and metro stations into a collective transport system.

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Beijing city buses align on EU highest environmental standards
The first 100 city buses with Euro 5 emission standards, purchased by Beijing Transport Company, were launched on 3 January 2011. The first bus lines with Euro 5 buses in China were deployed to three suburbs bus lines. These buses emit 43% lower nitric oxide compared to traditional diesel engine buses.

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Busworld Asia 2011: register now
This year’s 11th edition of Busworld Asia exhibition will be held from 30 March to 1 April in the Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center. As China is the largest market for new buses and coaches in the world by a long shot, the design and production of Chinese buses and coaches has undergone a rapid development over the last 10-15 years.

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Brazil prepares for the World Cup 2014 with BRT System
With an additional 2.98 million visitors expected to flock to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, urban planners are grasping a golden opportunity to upgrade sustainable transport systems in the 12 host cities. In this nation of buses, that means special attention to state-of-the-art Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems, which provide fast, efficient, and affordable service.

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Theatre on RATP bus lines for a user-friendly bus travel
The RATP launched an awareness campaign, “Share more, share the bus”, that aims to create a better atmosphere and improve the travelling conditions on the different bus lines.

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Wi-fi gets social media on board
A Canadian bus company in the city of Saint John has climbed on board with free public wi-fi on 60 bus fleets. As bus-buddies can now Tweet from the comfort of their vinyl seats, the internet access is expected to increase the use of buses in the city.

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Audio Visual information: reducing barriers to bus travel
Audio-visual information on buses are an optimal solution to reducing barriers to travel: as information is key to any journey, providing sufficient information such as times of travel, frequency of service, location of stops, may encourage people to use public transport.

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    BUSSTOP: the virtual bus stop

    Launched in 2006, the BUSSTOP campaign aims to increase road safety for children, by providing proper information for teachers and parents through the internet, and training children on how to behave in traffic situations. The campaign also provides a platform where bus companies and educators can connect.

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    IRU workshop on traffic restrictions and low emission zones in Europe

    Brussels, 2 March 2011

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