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IRU presents key proposals for a better mobility system in India at One Mega Event


Present at One Mega Event “Smarter solutions for a better tomorrow” which was held in New Delhi, India, on 10-12 May, IRU underlined the urgent need for a smarter approach to the movement of people in order for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved. IRU positively believes that the solutions lie with collective passenger transport – bus, coach and taxi – which have the potential to offer the safest and greenest modes of transport, globally.


IRU particularly highlighted the work performed by the All India High Level Group, which for more than a year focused on developing a vision and recommendations for the development of an efficient and affordable bus, coach and taxi mobility system in India. IRU presented the key proposals identified by the group in five key areas, namely, smart urban mobility, long distance bus transport, intermediate public transport, bus tourism and electro-mobility. The proposals will be included in a final report the group is currently finalising. The report will be published in June.


Supporting India’s Prime Minister’s vision of Smart Cities that offer a high quality life to its citizens, the event covered all aspects of Indian urban life from smart governance or smart buildings to sustainable transportation. In the framework of this One Mega Event, IRU was the knowledge partner of the 2nd Transport India event.


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