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The Smart Move Hight Level Group will mainly focus its work on three areas, which are crucial to address in order to effectively and substantially increase the use of buses and coaches within the next 10-15 years: Smart urban mobility including taxis, Interstate and long distance regular lines by bus and coach and Group tourism by coach.



// Smart urban mobility including taxis


Indian cities are currently overwhelmed by a growing urban population, a massive motorisation and reduced share of public transport, thus leading to severe congestion on roads, deteriorating air quality and road fatalities. Collective passenger transport, including buses, coaches and taxis, is the closest complement, competitor, and substitute of the private car.


The work of the High Level Group on smart urban mobility will form part of a clear action plan on safe, green, affordable and sustainbale transport in India with clear policy recommendations on how to substantially increase the use of buses, coaches and taxis by 2030.


Only by placing buses and taxis at the heart of the policy debate and by setting a clear policy and business target to substantially increase their use in the next 10-15 years can Indian, national, state and city policy-makers at all levels create a legislative, market and operational environment conducive to encourage people to change their mobility behaviours. Such a shift would result in a socially inclusive, efficient and sustainable mobility solution for all Indian citizens and visitors, at the lowest cost for society.


Outcomes of meetings


09 May 2017 - New Delhi, India


Speakers' contributions:


See here photos from the meeting.  


04 April 2016 - New Delhi, India


Read the press release.

See the meeting's pdf agenda.pdf (351.8 KB) and pdf presentation.pdf (1.7 MB). 

Download the pdf Executive Summary on "Smart Urban Mobility" report.pdf (2.8 MB). 


See here photos from the meeting.  


23 November 2015 - New Delhi, India


Read the press release

See the meeting's pdf presentation.pdf (833.3 KB).

Speakers' contributions:


// Long distance bus transport




// Coach tourism 




// Electromobility





// Intermediate public transport




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