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Indian refineries to supply Euro VI-compliant fuel by 2020

The Indian government’s decision to skip Euro V emissions standards and go straight to Euro VI emissions standards represents a big step towards reducing toxicity and public health risks in the country. The fact that refineries agreed to supply Euro VI-compliant fuel by 2020 made this decision possible. It is now up to vehicle manufacturers to also plan and implement the necessary changes.


The step is highly welcomed by the scientific and environmental community. For the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), “This is a game-changing decision and will help India leapfrog to much cleaner emissions. This is needed at a time when India is motorising very rapidly”. The number of vehicles in India is expected to more than double in the next decade.


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Check out the Smart move vision  and more on the work of the activity of the All India Smart Move High Level Group, which is expected to deliver its recommendations aimed at increasing the use of collective passenger transport in India by the end of the year.






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