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EU Smart Move High-Level Group discusses future of coach tourism in Europe

03 October 2012 - The EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group (HLG) met in Brussels on 27 September to discuss its second main topic, namely, the future of group tourism by coach in Europe.


The discussion focused mainly on the legislative, administrative and fiscal barriers preventing European group tourism by coach to thrive, such as:

  • the need to take into account the specificity of coach tourism when making EU legislation (passenger rights, driving and rest time rules, technical rules etc.);
  • the need for an EU-wide Group Tourism Charter to be adhered to by businesses, cities and customers;
  • the issue of low emission zones, and
  • and the need to recognise group tourism by coach as part of the collective/public transport chain.


Two external contributions were also presented: from the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) and Professor Paul Peeters, Associate Professor of Sustainable Transport & Tourism of CSTT, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences.The intermediary report of the meeting will be made available for public comments by 20 October on the HLG webpage. All interested stakeholders and individual citizens are invited to comment on both the topics and the intermediary reports of the HLG, by making use of the dedicated online submission facility.

The final meeting of the HLG will take place on 21 February 2013. The objective of this meeting is to put together all three issues and come up with a consolidated paper and recommendations.


The open public debate on the results of and recommendations made by the HLG will take place on 29 May 2013 in Brussels. All interested stakeholders and citizens are invited to participate in the debate. Details about the meeting (time, place etc.) and a registration form will be published on the web by the end of 2012.


Next meeting:




The High Level Group invites all interested public and private stakeholders and citizens to contribute with ideas, concrete proposals and best practices on how to increase – indeed double – the use of this safe, green, efficient and most affordable mode of moving people in Europe:

  • Either by making use of the “contribute” to the debate button on the left, or

Your contributions will be summarised and presented to the High Level Group at the relevant working meetings up until 21 February 2013. Structured presentations, relevant publications and studies, Internet links to key best practices etc. will also be published on the webpage of the Smart Move High Level Group.


We look forward to hearing your ideas.


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Speakers' and received contributions:

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