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Bus and coach, the Smart Move!



Buses and coaches are an integral part of public transport and travel and key elements in a sustainable transport system.



Together, we can create a truly safe, green, affordable, user-friendly and efficient mobility system by simply doubling the use of buses and coaches. Find out here what can and must be done to make the Smart Move today!




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Smart awards: promoting excellence in bus and coach transport policy

17 January 2011

The bus and coach industry calls for public and private candidates for three global awards rewarding company and authorities’ innovation, best practices and excellence in bus operation and coach tourism policy to facilitate and further promote sustainable mobility.

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Busworld Asia announces eco-focused evaluation rules for the BAAV awards

17 January 2011

Last month, Busworld Asia unveiled in Beijing the new rules regarding the Asia Coach Week, the highest level award for the Asian bus and passenger coach industry.

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Intercity bus service in the USA grew by 6% in 2010

17 January 2011

result of rising travel demand, escalating fuel prices, investments in new routes, and improved customer service. These factors propelled motor coach travel to its highest level in years and made the intercity bus the country’s fastest growing mode of transportation for the third year in the row.

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Busworld India

Mumbai, 12 January 2011

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Calls for Smart Awards Nominations



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