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Busworld Asia announces eco-focused evaluation rules for the BAAV awards

Last month, Busworld Asia unveiled in Beijing the new rules regarding the Asia Coach Week (ACW), the highest level award for the Asian bus and passenger coach industry. 


While Busworld 2011 judging parameters for awards will now be divided into two categories (vehicle and company related awards), this year’s award evaluation theme will be centred on the e-bus, alternative energies and environmental friendliness  and will feature a “BAAV theme award” in addition to a “special jury award”.


The “BAAV theme award” will work to encourage outstanding contributions in the field of eco-friendly environmental protection, while the “special jury award” will be awarded to those products and companies whichare considered possessing outstanding qualities and characteristics.


Organiser and the selection committee will also be increasing the quality of evaluative result analysis, providing individual consultative services to all participating in the ACW evaluation. One by one, participating passenger bus companies will be able to dialogue with leaders in the passenger bus sector, analysing flaws and imperfections in their models and jointly exploring areas for improvement and advancement.


These measures will help the Chinese bus industry to more fully understand its structural advantages and underlying weaknesses, the better to acclimate itself to higher European quality standards and international market requirements. In the process, this will advance the Chinese passenger bus industry in an overall healthier direction of development, to become safer, greener, more userfriendly, efficient, and affordable, as advocated by the Smart Move campaign. 


Read the Busworld Asia press release

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